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I might have just found my new favourite feminist writer

You guys I am over the moon – I have found a feminist writer who is just amazing. Her name is Sarah Ahmed. She is my new favourite.

I came across her name the other day as I was looking at various freelance writing opportunities (freelancing is totally the future. I hope. But that’s for another blog post). I was reading through some submitting guidelines and there was a link that said ‘citation is feminist memory’. I was so intrigued! So I clicked the link and this book appeared. It literally came into my life.

After reading the author’s name a couple of times (more like twenty, because my memory is just appalling) my brain started making connections. I had seen this name before. Where?

It was at uni! We read an article by her, by Sarah Ahmed. And actually one of the few articles that really stayed with me. It was a really insightful and thought-provoking article called ‘The contingency of pain’ (which you can find here, you’re so welcome). Reading it honestly changed the way I look at the politics of emotion.

She is not only absolutely fabulous as a feminist writer and a thinker, but she is also transparent, young, intersectional, and writes existentially.

I am not sharing this because I have to or as some kind of weird promotional post (Sarah unfortunately does not know I exist…yet. Just wait until the fan girling really kicks in), but because I want to share with you what I find and hope that even one of you, my readers, will be able to gain something from this.

You can find more about Sarah Ahmed on her personal blog and on her other blog called killjoys .

(the featured image is taken from Sarah Ahmed personal blog)

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