5 things you didn’t know about therapy

Therapy is a loaded word: it might bring up feelings of shame or fear, or maybe cynicism. What we know about therapy might be what we’ve seen in movies: stuffy, dark rooms where some old man sits in front of a distressed individual lying on a couch or maybe even in the setting of a psychiatric hospital. Truth is, that is far from reality.

Therapy or counselling is simply a personal space that is yours to do what you feel you need to do. Maybe work is a bit too much, or you’re in a relationship that doesn’t make sense anymore, or maybe you need a renewed sense of purpose in your life. It’s a space to explore, wonder and grow.

Therapy is not for the sick or the ill, or even the rich: it is for everyone. Therapy allows you to take a look at your life and make the changes you need with the support of someone else, an outsider, a fresh pair of eyes.

Here’s five things that you probably don’t know about therapy:

  1. There is nothing wrong with YOU. Seeking help does not mean you are deficient or ‘made wrong’.
  2. It’s not about blaming your parents. You might have heard of Freud and the Oedipal Complex, but that’s only one way of approaching our issues. Maybe you will want to talk about your parents, maybe not. It’s up to you.
  3. It’s not about blaming yourself either. We are not looking for ‘what’s wrong with you’. Every behaviour, belief and thought has its origin at a point in your life when it was useful. Therapy is understanding, not belittling or shaming.
  4. You won’t be told what to do. What therapy is not is an advice service. You will be making your own decisions about your life. Think of your therapist as a sounding board to explore your options with.
  5. It’s about being happy. Finally, that is the crux. What we’re doing is not fixing you or finding someone to blame. Ultimately, we’ll be looking for a way to lead your life that is aligned with who you are, a life you are happy with.

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