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27 Acts of Kindness you can try right now

As the theme for this year’s #Mentalhealthawarenessweek is ‘Kindness’, I have put together a list of twenty-seven acts of kindness to spark your imagination!

You have made it to day 6 of my series – thank you for being here! I so appreciate your support.

This list was inspired by the Mental Health Foundation.

Enough of the faff and let’s get into it.

  1. Treat a friend to a takeaway
  2. Donate to a local food bank
  3. Plant a tree
  4. Treat someone to a month of Netflix
  5. Donate to your favourite charity
  6. Share uplifting stories
  7. Call your friend
  8. Help with food distribution to those who can’t go to the shops
  9. Walk someone else’s dog if they can’t leave the house
  10. Volunteer to mentor in your field of expertise
  11. Read a story via video to children who can’t go to school
  12. Skill-share
  13. Set up on online book club
  14. Clean out your closet and give some clothes away
  15. Tell someone you care about that you love them
  16. Comment something nice on someone’s post on social media
  17. Raise some money by doing something fun
  18. Plan a friend’s online murder mystery birthday bash
  19. Post a card or a letter to someone you haven’t spoken to in a while
  20. Send flowers to a friend or a family member
  21. Check with your neighbour if they need help with their shopping
  22. Help with household chores even if *it’s not your turn*
  23. Ask someone how they are and stay for the answer
  24. Organise a virtual coffee date with a friend
  25. Say thank you to the staff at your local shop
  26. Smile to a passerby – it goes a long way!
  27. Finally, be kind to yourself too!

Happy weekend one and all! Let me know in the comments if you try any of these acts of kindness and let me know how it felt! 🙂

If you’re struggling and need a listening ear, do consider therapy. I have put together a list of helpful resources here for you.

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